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Helping the Culture of Life

Helping the Culture of Life  How Knights Save Lives by Supporting Mothers and the Unborn
3,000 - The estimated number of pro-life pregnancy centers in the United States, many of which are funded in part by K of C councils.
At the pregnancy center, she is offered options counseling. This includes information on parenting and adoption, support groups, peer counceling and referrals.
515,000 hours - The amount of time Knights volunteered in 2018 to provide material, financial, labor and other support to pro-life pregnancy centers and the women they serve.
1,135 - The number of life-saving ultrasound machines placed by councils since 2009.
She is also offered a free ultrasound scan funded by the Knights.
236,000 - The annual number of unborn children saved each year, if each ultrasound machine saves just four unborn babies per week.
$54 million - The total value of all untrasound machines placed by councils since 2009.
The ultrasound machine gives her a window into the womb, allowing a mom to see her baby and hear his heartbeat. Often this is a life-saving moment.
$3.7 million - The amount donated to pregnancy support centers by councils in 2018 to help women during pregnancy and following the birth of their newborns.
After her baby is born, the mom is offered material assistance, including diapers, maternity clothes, strollers, cribs, car seats, job and housing assistance and referrals, along with other resources.